Tuesday, April 11

Undead blog

You think it deceased; it merely festers.

Monday, March 28

Jack Sargeant (last mentioned in the 18th Feb. post) drags his way into frame. I hope he ends up writing nice things about us.

Thursday, March 24


At long last, the man himself: Ian McCulloch plays architect Patrick Bloom in our little confection. Here, we see him brooding moodily over a model of his creation. He thought it would save him. . . Fool!

Thursday, February 24

It's almost a wrap

We've still got some bits and bobs to clear up, but since we shot Ian McCulloch's scenes today, I reckon the rest will be a dawdle.

Hair's a bit thinner, waist is a bit thicker- but it's still the same McCulloch- with the same McCulloch magic. He signed my copy of Zombie Flesh Eaters.

Ian (I can call him "Ian" now) is a very sweet guy and a better actor (4 years in the RSC!) than Fulci (or we) deserved. Sold the lines. Absolutely sold them. So that's what this acting thing is all about. . .

Yes, you want to see stills- and we want you to see them- but the footage hasn't even been digitized yet. That's how fresh this news is. More soon- and thank you Ian!

Friday, February 18

Deathtripping with Jack

We were also fortunate to have author Jack Sargeant with us this past weekend. Jack was an eager zombie, and I'll update with a still as soon as I have one.

It was a real pleasure to meet him- hard to believe that such a nice fellow is responsible for Death Cults: Murder, Mayhem and Mind Control, Deathtripping, and Born Bad.

A personal favorite, that last one, as I think Badlands is one of the best films of all time.

Thanks Jack! Thack!

Monday, February 14

He walked the walk

Jay Slater as one of the walking dead. He was down our way for this past weekend's shoot and went above and beyond the call of duty. It was damn near freezing outside- and Jay was barefoot! Never a whinging word was heard. Top man.

Friday, February 11

Lotsa claret

As we gear up for a weekend of zombie mayhem, I send a big thank you to David over at Smithfield Market. He's provided us with a lovely pig "pluck" for the shoot. A pluck, as I learned this morning, is the heart, lungs, and liver- still connected. Yum.

As I made my way home on the Circle Line, I realized nothing about me suggested I had five kilograms of offal in my bag. Never know what you're standing next to on the Tube. . .

Thursday, February 10

Will Kane in a star-making turn (followed by zombie #3, aka Rob Winder).

Tuesday, February 8

Dead Good Fun!

Well done to all involved in the production.
It has been a very impressive project to be a part of, especially with the recent high-falutin' news of involving zombie pros. It's also been a great laugh seeing myself mocked up as one of the undead (or Edmonton prole, as Dug would have it!), particulary being on the BBC website - la de da!

I hope to have a little 'zombie diary' to show soon, just waiting for one of my pals to finish proof-reading it. Watch this space!



More good news, this time to the tune of an analog synth. David Knight, aka Arkkon, is soundtracking the film. Dave has played with Danielle Dax (no pun intended) and is also in the band Shock Headed Peters. He's got a synth collection that would make Wendy Carlos drool, and he's already at work on our stuff. Think John Carpenter, mixed with a little Piero Umiliani, and add a dash of Fabio Frizzi. My jaw dropped when I first heard it.

Friday, February 4

Big news

We've been busy. Author Jay Slater (Eaten Alive!: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies) has been helping us out. I can now reveal that, with Jay's invaluable assistance, we have secured Ian McCulloch for a role in our film.

Ian should need no introduction to zombie fans, given that he starred in Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters and the slightly dodgy Zombie Holocaust. He's marvellous, he's fantastic, and he's working with us!

It's all gotten a bit out of control. We started off on the couch, wondering aloud why zombie movies were all a bit crap. Then we made the fatal mistake of deciding to have a go ourselves. Now here we are with a professional actor with real zombie cred. Can we possibly live up to this?

Wednesday, February 2

What we're up to

We're making a zombie movie. It's a short film, still being shot. It's called Dead Centre: Architecture and Apocalypse. It's part homage to the "ugly" carbuncles of urban Britain and part undead carnage. It's zombies and angled concrete; Clockwork Orange meets Dawn of the Dead.

The funny thing about making a zombie movie: people get interested. Not to sound arrogant- we were the most shocked by this fact. So if you're interested in zombies, keep checking back here. We'll be posting updates as the film progresses (half-shot already, though)- and including stills from the film as well as behind-the-scenes type stuff. Hopefully, we can even get the zombies to post. One of them already has, but only on the BBC.

The film is set to premier this August at London's FrightFest (maybe they'll show our short in front of Romero's Land of the Dead! Oooh, the possibilities!)

Friday, January 21

They are going to eat you.